Blogging by Mail: my parcel

I am so sorry I post this now (I received everything a week before christmas)… I’ve been having some trouble with my ex-broadband service (but I prefer to forget that, it’s been a nightmare, as all break ups).

I received my Blogging by Mail package from Esme :) She is Chocolate and Croissants authoress and lives in California (although she is from Canada). It’s been great to receive all these treats to get relaxed. See what I got:

I received a box full of different teas (I love all of them, specially chai ;)), maple and maple cookies (which, by the way, are delicious!), candies (cinnamon and fruits, I’m trying to keep them with me as long as I can ;)), a great icing decorations for cupcakes (little gingerbread men!), cupcake stencils (so nice!), peeps (snowmen marsmallows) and 3 postcards from California, Vancouver and Colorado (all of them very kindly dedicated :))

Esme and I have been e-mailing a lot before, during and after everything arrived safe here. She is quite a great BBM friend and I appreciate a lot all she’s sent. I also have enjoyed a lot keeping in touch and getting to know her a little bit more!

Last but not least, many thanks to Stephanie to arrange this BBM ’09 event! It’s been great participating!

P.S.: If you’d like to see who I sent my package to, you can find it here


4 pensamientos en “Blogging by Mail: my parcel

    • La verdad es que sí lo estoy disfrutando, jejeje. El té está muy bueno, las galletas ni te digo… El maple estoy deseando hacer tortitas ya :D Y los caramelillos… No me puedo quejar, y eso que todo venía en una mini caja jeje.

      Un abrazo

  1. Si guapa, todo muy bonito, pero y las que no nos manejamos muy bien en ingles, qué??, acuerdate de nosotras vale?, ya sabes la proxima vez en los dos idiomas.
    Un besito fuerte

  2. Ya, el tema del inglés, pensaba haberlo escribo en spanish también, pero ayer no me dio tiempo… Trataré de traducir, ¡prometido!
    ¡Un beso!


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