World Bread Day 2010

Here I am, finally I can make it! I am participating in the World Bread Day!!World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

Thanks so much to Zorra for arranging everything for this event!!!!!

As I’ve been recently to New York (you can see / read the whole set of entries here), I couldn’t wait to eat bagels again. Therefore, my choice for this day was very easy to make. Moreover, I love that NY bagels use to have a lot of different flavors to choose, so I decided to pick my two faves: blueberry and chili & cheese.

Blueberry bagel was paired with blueberry spread (so easy to make!). Also other day I paired it with cream cheese and turkey slices.

Chili & cheese bagels was paired with ham & cheddar cheese (and also once with omelete!)

The following pics depict how I ate them:

I used Peter Reinhart’s recipe for bagels. I find this recipe quite reliable. It is a bit long but worthy! You can find it in english here, in 2 of my favorite blogs: this one and this one. I just added blueberries and chili & cheese right before making the rolls, add these extra flavors in separate bowls and knead a little bit longer to have everything well distributed.

By the way, blueberry bagels get a weird color if the tint of the fruit does not distribute completely in the dough, but it tastes very nice anyway!

About the blueberry spread. The “recipe” is the following:

– Mix 300 gr of cream cheese with 125gr of blueberry jam until getting an spreadable consistency.

It such a nice and soft flavor… you’ll love it!

Happy World Bread Day 2010 to everybody!!!!!!!!!!

* If you wish to see this entry in spanish, you can do it here.